REVIEW: Art Exhibit featuring Phil, Curt & Wyatt Ramsey at the Danvillian Gallery

Showing the art work of Phil Ramsey and his sons Kurt and Wyatt in a group show at The Danvillian Gallery this past Friday night, August 31 on North Union Street in Danville, Virginia was a brilliant stroke of curating by gallery owners Wayne Dobson and Sally Popu and proof positive that the “apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

Phil Ramsey, the father and the best known artist from this familial trio is widely known in the region for his mural art, but in this show we see his skill as an accomplished oil painter who must have taught his sons a trick or two along the way of their development. He seems to have a deep interest in the exploration of paint in motion and his studies of ballet dancers will stand side by side with the best of Degas. If you are considering preserving your family, friends and love ones in a portrait, give Mr. Ramsey a call, as his portraits are exquisite. Ramsey, a local treasure, lives in South Boston, Virginia with his wife, Shelley and his work can be viewed at:

Wyatt Ramsey, some years ago as a Galileo High School student astonished local viewers with his skill showing his art at the Historic North Theatre’s Carrington Gallery in Danville, Virginia and now some years later having further honed his talent at the Savannah College of Art and Design has evolved a definite and very personal style. His paintings in oil are emotionally haunting with a depth that defies his youth and with a sensitivity to form and beauty in impressionistic images that linger in the mind like awakening from a vivid dream. The youngest of the Ramsey clan makes his home in Savannah, Georgia and we are very fortunate with his generosity of traveling all this way for a one night show. You can see this talented young man’s work at:

Kurt Ramsey, a graduate student at the College of William and Mary, who lives with his wife in Williamsburg, Virginia was for this Arts Insider, the big surprise of the night. His work in oil displays a wide range of styles, from photo realistic portraits in black and white to vivid romantic images of bull fighting in the heat of action, he is equally at home in impressionist and abstract approaches to his canvass and his ultra-realist images of a trip to Paris where his brush strokes are perhaps the most sure have a classic nature that burns permanently into ones memories of the show. To see Kurt’s work go to:

How sad that this was only a one night affair. The work deserves a larger viewing audience than the fifty or so art lovers who made it out to the show, but it is a start for Danville’s River District efforts to build and sustain a real culture base in the community, as long as the gallery can be kept open. Hopefully Danville will start to rebuild a market for original art like what it once had with Jane and Paul Bond’s ARTWORKS where a young and old audience learned to buy art and were allowed to buy it on time payments, which might be a good idea for the current gallery scene. Wayne Dobson and Sally Popu, deserve a big round of applause for this show and for their efforts in pioneering the gallery scene in downtown Danville, Virginia.

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