REVIEW: Grand Reopening of the Historic North Theatre

Pulling the rabbit out of the hat is a tried and true trick of the magician’s trade and Wayne Alan the new owner of the North Theatre did just that in getting ready only days before opening night once again brightly lit the triangle at the top of North Main hill. New glass windows were replaced in a restaurant space that is now available for development and construction barricades vanished, as fallen railings on one of the three buildings that make up the arts complex were replaced. The grounds were liberated from overgrown weeds as the faded lines of parking lot spaces were freshly painted, all in preparation for Saturday night August 25th. Mr. Alan was intent on making this date his re-opening of the North Theatre as it fell on the 65th Anniversary of the original opening of the North Theatre in 1947.

About 175 patrons arrived for a taste of Mr. Alan’s grand illusionist show which was accented by the presence of two beautiful young female assistants, ready to be sawed in half or made to disappear from the stage at Mr. Alan’s command. The introduction of Ms. Roger Lea and her daughter Lois Lea the granddaughter of Mr. Leonard Lea the original owner of the North Theatre was a special treat pointing to the historical significance of the night. Children drawn from the audience delighted in coming on stage and being part of the magic as Mr. Alan showed us his prowess with the Chinese rings and other of the smaller tricks of the night.

Like any savvy performer, Mr. Alan saved the best trick for last, as he enclosed one of his beautiful assistants into a tall box, locked it tight and after pulling it in several impossible directions for the contortions of the young woman inside made her disappear into thin air to the crowds amazement and cheers of applause!

Upcoming shows at the North Theatre that have been announced include Dave Ehlert, who brings dead country music stars back to life on September 7, the return of Wayne Alan with his Magic of the Masters illusionist show on September 8, and on September 22, Tony Sands in a musical tribute to Frank Sinatra. For more information on these events and ticket availability go to:, or call 434-793-SHOW(7469).

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